GERI's game-changing, award-winning Direct Contact Steam Generation (DCSG) technology provides new solutions for unlocking previously unrecoverable oil and boosting recovery rates from underperforming wells.

Our portable DCSG units, designed to fit within existing standard well leases, produce a mixed stream (or hot water) and flue gases for injection into a well.

This proprietary process allows GERI to achieve significant improvements in recovery rates, as well as significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, versus existing steaming and heating processes.

Applications for GERI’s technology focus on heavy oil and include (but are not limited to):

  • Cyclical injection with flue gas co-injection
  • Line-drive/spot-pattern flooding with flue gas co-injection
  • Late-stage SAGD with flue gas co-injection
  • Enhanced high-rate circulation (HRC) with flue gas co-injection


Awards and Industry Recognitions


"Heavy oil production in Alberta and Saskatchewan has notoriously poor recovery rates, often leaving as much as 90 percent of the resource behind. It also tends to be emissions, and capital-intensive, meaning smaller deposits are not economically feasible to develop. A Calgary-based start-up has developed a technology that could entirely change that equation." -The Daily Oil Bulletin