Direct Contact Steam Generator

GERI has developed and tested a Direct Contact Steam Generator (DCSG) that is capable of injecting 80% steam quality with combustion flue gases at pressures up to 7 MPa, with rates between 5.5-11 GJ/hr (5-10 MMBTU/hr).  We can inject into Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) wells for pre-heating during facility construction, late-stage SAGD repressurization, and also into older Cold Heavy Oil Produced with Sand (CHOPS) wells.  Our system is highly portable and requires only a supply of natural gas, and boiler grade water – we produce the steam, nitrogen and carbon dioxide to heat and provide reservoir pressure to maximize your oil production and recovery.  Our generator is nearly 100% efficient, with all exhaust products from the production of steam being injected into the reservoir.  In addition, our process uses 13% less water than traditional steaming methods.

Our DCSG is also capable of hot water heating at similar heat rates. This process does not require boiler quality water as no steam is created. 

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We can also steam non-thermally cased and cemented wells with our patent-pending Annular Cooling Loop technology. 


Corporate and Direct Contact Steam Generation Presentation

Download GERI's Corporate and Direct Contact Steam Generation Technology 2021 Presentation.

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Annular Cooling Loop

GERI's Annular Cooling Loop* provides the ability to steam non-thermally cased and cemented wellbores. Our testing of pilot projects around the Lloydminster area has shown a maximum annular temperature of 60°C during steaming operations. The system operates as a closed loop with the ability to add additional makeup water if required. It also meets regulatory approvals granted for use in non-thermal wells both in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

*Patent Pending

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About Us

General Energy Recovery Inc. (GERI) is an enhanced heavy-oil recovery company focused on providing clients with solutions to recover more, and emit less.

We have researched and developed an award-winning, portable, high-pressure direct contact steam generation technology that unlocks previously unrecoverable oil, emits fewer greenhouse gases, and uses less than half the fresh water than traditional steam injection used in CSS or SAGD operations.

GERI has expertise in reservoir, operations and downhole completions and can also help clients with:

  • Identifying and evaluating well candidates
  • Assisting in regulatory applications
  • Designing injection programs
  • Advising on emission reduction solutions during production

We are a privately funded technology company with operations based out of Lloydminster and our head office located in downtown Calgary.

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